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Wound care

Wound care

$80-180/ visit

Wound healing refers to a living organism’s replacement of destroyed or damaged tissue by newly produced tissue.

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Catheter care

$160/ visit

We offer a full range of vertically integrated catheter technologies and secondary services.


Stoma care

$180/ visit

stoma care nurse has the specialized training to help you care for your ostomy and address any issues that arise.

Medication management

Medication management

$150/ visit

Our nurses partner with each patient’s doctor to make sure medicines are working and controlling symptoms appropriately.

Urostomy care

Urostomy care

$160/ visit

Achieve quality Urostomy care while in your home contact now for more details

Picc line care

Picc line care

$180 / visit

With just one quick call to our PICC service direct line, our team of specialists will schedule and process your order.


Wellness check

$ 80/ visit

At every stage of life, our physical, mental and emotional health needs are different. Certain diseases are more likely at certain times of life contact now for more details

Health Coaching

Health Coaching

$888/ 4 sessions

Our dedicated health coaches support real, sustainable behavior change through flexible, custom care.


IV Infusion

$90-500/ Per sessions

A needle is going to be inserted into the port or an acceptable vein, usually within the arm. A tube will connect it to an IV bag holding the medication.